I kept eating and eating…

The community dinners are a thing of wonder and delight.  It’s constantly amazing how when you say potluck, people make awesome stuff they would rarely make any other day.  And when that potluck is on St Patrick’s Day, well you know it’s going to be stuff they really only make once a year.

I made corned beef.  A first for me.  Well, not really.  I tried to make corned beef years ago and it was such a dismal failure that I gave it up.  Really, it’s been maybe 20 years!  Oh, I hate that I can say “remember when 20 years ago…”

Which reminds me, I have gotten 2 emails in the last 2 weeks from college friends with something they’ve scanned to remind me of my past.  Holy crap I was young!

I was 18 or 19 in this picture.  That was more than 20 years ago!

I digress, forgive me.  I’ve lost some control of my faculties.  St Paddy’s Day.  Oh right.  The great corned beef debacle of 1991…

Fast forward to this week.  I’m having 20 people over for dinner and I’ve committed to making corned beef.  I have to do a dry run before I sully my reputation as the great home cook that I like to think I am.  So, I peruse the internet and as usual take a little idea from here and an idea from there.  And sure enough, this is easy stuff.  I don’t know how I bungled it so badly before, but I’m liking what I did this time.

And to be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure I should share this recipe.  It’s a bit of an advanced maneuver.  Really, have you got a bridge 😉

It’s this easy.  Really.
red potatoes, chopped. drop in the bottom of the crockpot
corned beef, trim if you want. place on top of potatoes
pour in 1 beer, medium ale worked best
add pickling spices (I added 2 packets or 2-3T)
pour in enough water to just cover corned beef
Turn crockpot to high for 1 hour, then reduce heat to low for 8-9 hours.
ta-dah! You’re hailed as a culinary genius (if only in your own head)

There was more cabbage that you would normally eat in a lifetime.  There’s going to be a serious gas leak in this town tonight.  But it was all awesome, ranging from slaw with apples and seaweed to traditional cabbage to brussel sprouts with prosciutto.  Then there was dessert.  3 different pies.  All quite different and all yummy.  I’m falling into a food coma and I need to go to bed.  But I just had to brag and share what a great evening we had.

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8 thoughts on “I kept eating and eating…

  1. I need to organize some community dinners up here in Jamestown. There are some seriously great cooks in this community. I had someone send me a picture of my in high school and it was amazing how young I look. Amazing…


    1. These dinners are such a great way to enjoy conversations you may not have otherwise, introduce new and old friends, and eat good food. I can’t think of any thing better.

      Crazy looking back at these old photos! We were such pups!


  2. I watched the movie, “Big Night”, last night. I was reminded of the feeling that can only be found in the presence of friends breaking bread together. The food was gorgeous, making me want to taste it all. But the relationships were well-drawn and you could feel the love between the brothers. Surprisingly, Mark Anthony has an almost silent role as the busboy. He only has one line, describing the dish he is ladling onto a guest’s plate. A lot of great Italian music, none from Mark Anthony. It is worth watching.

    I hope your dinner was as much fun!


    1. I don’t watch too many movies but I’ll add this to my to-see list. I love playing host and I love cooking. So these dinners are a good combination of both!


  3. I love you Lula Harp. You crack me up! Does the word foodie come to mind? I love corned beef and cabbage!!! Had some yesterday as a matter of fact. You should weigh 800 pounds!


  4. Sorry we missed it. It sounds like you had some awesome food. I love the way people from all walks of life come together for dinner/brunch at your home. We always end up talking to the most interesting people. I see you’ve found my secret to great corned beef, too. Now to perfect that hash recipe.


    1. I’ll be having corned beef hash for dinner one evening this week. I’ll take any tips! I hope you’ll make it to the next one. I agree it’s always such a good mix of folks. Makes for much better conversations!


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