Life in black-and-white

There’s a challenge going on all over the Internet, people challenge each other to take a black-and-white photo representing life for seven days. No people and no explanation. My friend Grace challenged me and I was so excited. I love taking pictures and looking at life through a camera lens.

Taking photos in black-and-white forces you to look at shadows and light a little differently than you normally would. It makes you look a little deeper.


Back in high school I loved playing in the darkroom and loved what I could do in black-and-white. These days since my primary camera is my phone I rarely do anything intentionally in B&W. I’ve been playing with the filters on my iPhone camera and with Hipstamatic and have figured out my phone can do so much more than I knew.

I am going to try and keep this up for a bit. For the first few days I challenged a couple friends, but today I’m challenging you. And by you, I mean all of you. Let’s see what you can do. What does your life look like in black-and-white?  Don’t make me call you out.  Post it in the comments section if you want.

If you need some motivation or ideas there are all sorts of photo challenges floating around but here’s a few I have followed.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is one I’ve done for years, but have fallen away from lately.

Cee’s Photography always has a challenge going.

There’s always the self-motivated Project 365 or post-a-day…

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