Flangiprop Friday

This has been a short week for some of us. In case you missed it, Monday was Columbus Day. Short weeks almost feel longer than a regular five day work week.

There has been some resistance to the happiness project at work. I do not understand why these folks would rather grump and be miserable than be happy to see another day. We spend so much time at work. We have work wives, we personalize our desks, and you get to know things about those around you whether you want to or not. One of the things I’ve been encouraging within my group is treat Tuesday and a couple of my coworkers have embraced this.

This week, one of the gals brought her in fancy coffee maker and I baked cinnamon rolls. There is an empty desk between us we are using as our snack cube. She is graciously leaving her special machine in the office so we can have lattes and mochas whenever our sleepy hearts desire.

Right now I am flangipropping my caramel latte while I ponder the day. If I can flangiprop a latte every morning when I come to work, it’ll certainly make the day better. And to celebrate the end of this day, be assured I will flangiprop a cocktail when I get home.

Flangiprop your glorious weekends.

This is in response to the daily prompt and I thought it paired well with my rant about words. In case you haven’t figured it out, my definition of frangiprop is: to savor, enjoy, or to taste with pleasure.

This was a funny text I got this week that fits perfectly.  I love my friends.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Flangiprop!.”

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