settling in

I may never move again…

Unless it’s to New Orleans, DC, or a tropical beach paradise. I’ve had such a hard time getting involved in anything outside of work and meeting folks. The last time I moved to a new city I had just graduated college and had a few friends in the same town. Starting from scratch is hard work. I’ve really had a difficult time staying positive.

Part of why I haven’t posted much… Nobody likes a whiner.

This past weekend we moved into our new house!! I have my bed. (Win!!) The living room is my most chaos free zone (less furniture, it was easier to set up). IMG_2302-0.JPG
We are swimming in a sea of strategically placed boxes. I have a path through the kitchen. The mover really messed me and hid my dishes in an unmarked box.


I learned from my neighbor I’m on a rails to trails project called the Green Line. Not only do we have a lovely neighborhood for our morning walk, we now have easy access to nice long walks on the weekends without getting in the car.




I’ve been looking at different ways to volunteer as a way of getting out and meeting folks. This past weekend I volunteered at the Cooper Young Regional Brewfest. I’d found a Mississippi beer that’s quite tasty and when I checked out their website I found the beer-fest.

I don’t have internet access at the house yet. I’ve been doing everything on my phone (so I hope all these photos look ok and sorry the formatting looks so wonky)

Now that we are settling in and the funk seems to be lifting, I’ll be back to to posting more. I’ve mostly decided to stick with my anti-Facebook stance. I think I’m willing to do it, then fb creeps me out again.

Thanks friends for all the cheerleading and support y’all have sent my way. It’s been a huge help!


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4 thoughts on “settling in

  1. Stick to your anti-Facebook guns. It creeps you out because it’s creepy. I’ve been trying to wean myself off, but it’s a little like trying to gradually give up heroin.


  2. LULA!!!! I won’t be moving any time soon either. Soooo much work. But so happy where we are. Can’t wait to see you settled in completely. Glad to hear you are adjusting a bit. Takes time. So many changes for my friend. Just take it a day at a time, and come back regularly with reports. Your fans miss you. xoxoxo, Margie


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