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BI hate to confess, but this month’s B word is not what I wanted it to be.  But it is what it is…  I have had four of the most fun filled days and while I have spent weeks pondering, deliberating, and discussing what my B word should be this month, it just came to me.  I am feeling rather blasé about “B”.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, blasé is exhausted by enjoyment.  It is interesting to note that while the OED gives some etymology, that the origin is French; the past participle of blaser to exhaust by enjoyment, this is a modern word of unknown etymology.

First appearing in 1819, the word had the connotation of  exhausted by enjoyment, weary and disgusted with it; or used up.  After my weekend of merriment, I myself am exhausted by enjoyment.  Or as Merriam- Webster puts it:  apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment.  There was plenty of excessive indulgence this weekend.

More recent uses (1930’s to current) of the word  blasé mean bored or unimpressed through over-familiarity; insensitive, supercilious, or unconcerned.

So I am going to Bed and Blissfully dream about Bacon, Bees, Bicycles, and knit Bombing.  When I wake, I will Boldly Bound into my new day with a Breezy devil-may-care.

Be Well and enjoy the Beauty your day Brings.


The Beautiful B above was done my dear friend Eric Richey.  See more of his incredible work here.


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