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I want you to know one thing. You SUCK!

You think that’s it’s normal to cut across three lanes to make a right turn. I’m fairly certain you have no idea your vehicle comes equipped with blinkers. Everyday I get on the road with you, I fear for my life.

The first three months I lived here, you nearly killed me three times. Why, WHY, would you think it’s okay, or even a good idea, to drive down the freeway with a refrigerator standing in the back of your truck without having it tied down? Did you know that the common practice is to move over a lane when you see a car coming onto the freeway, and not speed up?

Ok.  Pop quiz…  If you are driving up a hill to turn left and there is a stop sign at the top of the hill before the turn,


A) Stop, then turn when the road is clear
B) Speed up, move into the oncoming lane, and fly around the car stopped at the stop sign.

This is just a thought, and this might sound crazy, but you STOP. What the hell were you thinking when you sped around me?! Was your trip to Walmart that important? Or were you about to miss the finale of the Bachelor?

Did you know that there is a LAW that if you are driving slower than the normal rate of traffic you must be in the right hand lane? Clearly this slipped past you, because this seems to be the norm around here!

Just do one thing for me and I’ll leave you be.  Please, Please, Please… Hang up the PHONE!

Sincerely (starting to rethink her career as a NASCAR driver),
Driving Miss Daisy (Insane)


Taking a left turn to Albequerque… I still need your votes on my poll… Let me know how YOU are going to help me find a fella