coming up for air

literally and figuratively…  I have been fussed at for going radio silent, so I will confess I have been down with the worst cold I have had in years.  Really, the last time I coughed this much I had bronchitis and I was expecting that verdict this time, but doctor said it was just a doozy of a summer cold.  I haven’t stopped coughing, but significantly less.  I’m counting that as a win.  Also in the win column, I made it through a full day of work (first in a week) and the lava flowing from my nose has subsided some.  over share?  sorry.

I stayed home 4 full days of work, plus the holiday.  On day 2 or 3, someone asked me if I was bored yet and to be perfectly honest, NO.  I had no energy to feel guilty for all the things I could have been doing with that time off work, hanging out at home.  Thursday was the first day in a week I ate because I was actually hungry and not eating because I knew that’s what I was supposed to do.  I subsisted on a solid diet of spicy soup, ice cream, tea, and sudafed.  I’ve caught up on everything on tivo and I’ve napped more than I did in kindergarten.

I thought they might find it a bit suspect going back to work with a bit of color on my shoulders, but I moved from napping in the yard to napping on the couch and back again.  The yard napping was disturbed only by a wet, sloppy soccer ball being dropped on my legs.

When I napped inside, she was happy to help hold me in place.

I got to enjoy the birds playing in the yard and the bees buzzing about the flowers.    The squirrels are almost bothersome, if they weren’t so cute.  I even saw a mouse lurking around the compost bin.  It’s amazing the things you get to take in while resting quietly in the yard.

I knew I was on the mend yesterday when I could tell my body was hungry, but I didn’t have any idea what I wanted.  Thursday I had a sandwich for lunch and when I got home I was feeling creative, so I knew I was (mostly) better.  Not having shopped in a week did limit my creativity, but that wasn’t going to stop me.  I cooked up some Israeli couscous, threw in the last of the broccoli from last week’s shopping trip, a hearty cup of TJ’s frozen corn kernels, parmesan, a few artichoke hearts and a splash of olive oil and balsamic.  It was pretty tasty, but it needed a zesting of lemon and a squeeze of juice to brighten it up.  Next time.

I did have a nice hot toddy each night before bed.  To help coat the throat, to help me sleep, or just just to make this all the more bearable, any way I look at it, it sounds ok with me.  Having a cold sucks and any way I could make it suck less, I was willing to try (and believe me- I did!).  all I have to say now is, thank goodness I’ve gotten that out of the way, and I can get on with summer!

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