Thirsty Thursday: Battle of the Bars

What really started as a quick run to Bob’s Red Mill for few things quickly turned into a girl’s giggle-fest over cocktails. (Super side note… great podcast of show recently aired on OPB interviewing Bob)

Oh, we’re out. Let’s grab a drink. where should we go? I’ve never been to the bar by my house. But I really don’t want to go there. What about O’Malley’s? I’ve heard they have good pizza. Gemini Lounge is just across the street and I’ve heard good things about them. We could go to both… It’s a school night, I really only should have one. Oh, your right. well…

We started at O’Malley’s since I did park right at the front door. I’ve lived in this neighborhood almost longer than I’m willing to admit. The O’Malley’s we visited is NOT the O’Malley’s I’d been to several years ago. A hint of dive mixed with a dose of hip. This place had good booze on the bar and the bartender looked like we were of the same era. When we quizzed him on his beverages, he answered without hesitation. First thing that caught my eye was New Deal Vodka on the bar. (point) Greyhound please. Is the grapefruit fresh squeezed? Nope (half point lost). Generous pour (several points) of New Deal so I can’t even tell I’m drinking grapefruit from a can. Margarita is fresh made in a pint glass. Good flavor and not too sweet.

As I see the pizza guy making a pie, I saunter over to check out the huge oven and the work of art he’s pulling out. I call the friend over and say “we need one of those”. Done! We review the pizza menu again and agree on the Margherita. $10 for a 10″ pie. Money well spent! Perfect crust thanks to the hot-hot oven and good flavor.

Since we are on the block, we are just going to walk down and look at the new coffee shop and peek into Gemini Lounge. Well, we’ve made the effort to cross the street, one more drink won’t hurt. It’s still early. Ok.

When we walked in, is was more cramped than O’Malley’s open space, but quaint like your grandmother’s living room but with bar stools and fun art. We made our way to the bar. This one wasn’t proudly displaying the local booze, but when requested he pulled New Deal Vodka from some hidden nook. Same drinks requested and we made our way to a table to wait delivery. Upon presentation, I was delighted. I could tell this was fresh squeezed without even asking. Not as much vodka as across the street. hmmmm… When partner in crime tasted her margarita, she immediately frowned in distaste, WAY too sweet. ask him to add more lime, that should help. It did, a little.

We watched a few fabulous looking dishes walk by and see the table near us oooh and aaaah over their dinner. When we looked at the prices compared to what was being delivered, we didn’t feel compelled to order. The crab cake sandwich on a brioche roll looked divine. but it was a slider the same price as a the whole pizza we had just enjoyed across the street.

As we ran back across the street, we dashed back into O’Malley’s to tell the bartender (owner?) we had been happier with our experience in his joint. First smile he cracked since we walked in. I’ll probably give the Gemini Lounge another shot, since I’ve heard good things from a few folks, but the pizza at O’Malley’s won me over (as if the stiff drink wasn’t enough).

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