I’ll take Nookie for $100

Last year for my birthday, I gave myself a cooking class as my gift. We all have those things we fear or are too intimidated to tackle. I had heard so many horror stories about making gnocchi that I certainly wasn’t going to try it without a little hand holding.

Caprial & John offer cooking classes and supper clubs in a small commercial kitchen. One Saturday afternoon about 10 of us gathered around to watch then do. Afterwards we sat down for a lunch of our spoils.

I made gnocchi a few times immediately following my class. Teri, who is of real Italian decent proclaimed I’d done good. It’s been on my list to make again for awhile, but just hadn’t found the time. This weekend I made the time!

This is really a pretty easy preparation so all those horror stories are just to scare you off.

2-3 russet potatoes
1t kosher salt
1 1/2(ish) cup 00 flour*

Bake your potatoes until done and when cool enough to handle, scoop out and mash really well or put through a ricer (the one gadget I don’t have).  Add salt and fold in 1 cup of flour.  When it all comes together, turn out onto a floured counter and knead in remaining flour until it is the smooth.  Do not over work.  Divide into 6 equal parts.  Roll each part into a snake and cut into bites and toss into a baking sheet sprinkled with semolina.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and throw in a couple of your gnocchi and let boil 2-3 minutes.

I tossed these with my homemade sauce and a little parmesan.  oh yummm. This is enough for a dinner for 4 with a side salad.

Now that I know I can make the regular recipe, I’ve got some ideas on how I want to mix things up. with butternut squash or sweet potatoes…

*00 flour is an Italian soft wheat flour available online or hidden in your local specialty store.

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9 thoughts on “I’ll take Nookie for $100

  1. How funny – I dreamt of gnocchi last night (which I suppose is rather worrying) and woke up this morning thinking “must make gnocchi this week”! Sounds like a fun experience.


    1. It really is pretty easy. The one thing I didn’t say above is after kneading in your flour, before you divide into 6, cut off a gnocchi size bit and toss in your boiling water to taste test. At this point, you can add a bit more flour if needed.

      I look forward to hearing about your adventure. And really, fear not!


  2. I’m excited about trying out this recipe. I’ve been intimidated by gnocchi before, but this is well laid out.

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