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In my ongoing pursuit of knowledge about the opposite sex I have met a few new gentlemen (purely in pursuit of knowledge, cocktails are a bonus).

I’ve always hated “dating”.  An agreed upon location with awkward conversation trying to suss out things you have in common.  Only to realize the only thing in common is that you both breathe.  Followed by the requisite let’s do this again or I’ll call you (with hopes that neither actually occur).

I’m more of the let’s grab a beer and have an honest conversation.  My manners are not always stellar, I do swear like a trucker and am incredibly sarcastic.  While I can be crass and inappropriate, I am well read, can tell you what the odd fork at top of your plate is for, what’s the difference between a pinot and a cabernet, and I can walk quite well in 4″ Pradas.

What I don’t know is who pays? We are now in a culture of equality and shattered glass ceilings. But truth be told, I’m a southerner and I have no problem with doors being held and the guy picking up the tab.  I also have no problem paying my share for the outting if it’s not a date.  But I think I feel (kinda wishy-washy) the fella should pay for the first date, if it’s a date.  Which then leads to the question- is this a date?!

I googled this query and have no clearer answer than when I started.  Everyone has an opinion, but is there really a right or wrong answer here?  I’m really trying not to be the giant gaff I feel I am headed for.

This is one of those questions that has so many connotations.  I am not a gold digger.  If a guy is loaded but is bald, fat and has no personality I can’t fake being interested.  While every girl fantasizes about finding some rich, handsome, witty guy the movie ending doesn’t really happen.  I don’t entirely care what you do for a living, but  I do need to know you make enough that I am not going to be supporting you.

In the new world of online dating, the initial awkward conversation should be a thing of the past.  But when there is no spark or he has no personality, how do you (meaning me) say thanks but no thanks?  How honest are you?  I really hate this part!

I see a giant sink hole waiting to suck me up.  I hate dating.  I hate trying to figure out what all these codes and signals mean.  I feel like a train conductor that has a locomotive heading right for me and I forgot to read the manual of what the colored flags mean.