these parents are nuts

Coe made a new friend at the park today. Darling little girl who was maybe 2 years old.

While Coe is the sweetest, most gentle thing in the world, not all dogs are.

The parent or adult supposedly supervising this child was clear across the park and didn’t join her for a full five minutes after we were playing with her. The adult with her was standing around talking to another person not giving this child the slightest attention.

Good thing I’m not a kidnapper.


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5 thoughts on “these parents are nuts

  1. You know, I’ve found that to be the case most of the time at the dog park. It is even worse if it happens the unwatched doggie is aggressive. My wheaten, Quincy, is not an alpha male, so he does not like that kind of attention. Yeesch! Margie


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