a crustless quickie

quickie?! no porn here, unless it’s food porn ūüėČ Trader Joe’s used to sell these awesome crustless quiches. They made the perfect lunch. I have missed them so. Saturday I woke at my usual M-F time of 5am and was awake. So instead of laying there wishing I could go back to sleep, I gotContinue reading “a crustless quickie”

it’s all about the mini

I have always had an¬†affinity¬†for miniature. ¬†When I was young and¬†my parents would travel, they would bring me back miniatures, mostly animals. ¬†Still to this day, if it’s good big, then mini is even better. ¬†Miniatures are just so darn cute. ¬†Think about it. ¬†Kitten are cuter than cats. ¬†Puppies are cuter than dogs (Don’tContinue reading “it’s all about the mini”