What a delicious week!

Thanks to a couple of wonderful girlfriends I was gifted a few weeks of #BlueApron.  This is NOT a paid endorsement.  Certainly, if they want to, I wouldn’t say no.  This week I made chicken & orange kale salad, steak & roasted broccoli, and tonight was the orange glazed meatballs (sans rice and I forgot the orange).  It was all was good and I’d make any of these again.  I upped the veggies on the all the dishes with stuff I had in the fridge.  Never too many veggies!

Aside from all the good eating, this week has been a roller coaster, so much so that this evening called for a dirty martini.  Ginger thought she needed to get in on this action, but her mama cut her off.  It’s all mine!

#653project #photoaday #martiniheaven

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

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