Toast Tuesday: Hopped Cider

I’m mostly back on track this week, #42 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously.  I’ve had hopped cider before, even one that our author mentions in particular.

Our guide
Our guide

Somehow I managed to find a hopped cider here in Memphis.  It’s like the universe was looking out for me.  I love ciders, and as I suggested to Meg last week, the Pacific Northwest is producing some of the most amazing, flavorful ciders.  Which makes perfect sense; they are in apple country.

Our author points out that calling cider “hard cider” is an American thing.  Just one more thing we can thank prohibition for.  When producers weren’t able to make cider and began selling fresh, unfiltered apple juice as cider, the moniker stuck.  Even once prohibition ended.

This week, I had Tieton Cider Works Dry Hopped Cider.  According to their website, this is a dry cider, and I would almost agree.  I found the hops… unfindable.  There was really no discernable hop flavor that came through.  It had a flavor of granny smith apples with a hint of malt, and almost no lingering flavor.  It would be a good sipper for a hot summer day, even at 6.9%,  and paired very nicely with my spicy green coconut curry soup.


Our author refers to Reverend Nat’s, which makes outstanding ciders.  A few of which even made the journey across the country with me and has since made it’s way into my belly.

I’m not generally a fan of hoppy beers, so when I had a hopped cider, this was a game changer.  The one that made me rethink hops was Anthem Hops.  It has a good hops flavor, and is a slightly dry cider.  It has been three years since I’ve had this cider and it has stuck with me.  If you can get your hands on any of Anthem’s ciders, do so.  They are wonderful.

As usual, since I did not do my homework far enough in advance, I missed an opportunity for another road trip.  I will be revisiting this chapter in the near future.  Please stay tuned.

Here is to another wonderful week of ciders and whatever the universe happens to put in your glass.

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3 thoughts on “Toast Tuesday: Hopped Cider

  1. Well done! I covered the whiskey part, sort of! 😀 I cannot figure out why no one in this area has jumped on this by now. Pennsylvania has lovely apple orchards. And why on earth its so hard to find ciders other than the mass market brands. Ugh.

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