Toast Tuesday: tasty fail

This week in our Year of Drinking Adventurously, I didn’t even crack the book. I knew this was a fail and didn’t even try.

I had a HORRIBLE week at work last week, with Friday being the topper. I always say there’s no such thing as a bad Friday and this one put that to the test.  The best thing about this particular Friday was that I didn’t have to go back to the office for 5 days. FIVE. Whole. Days. Ahhhhh

The other thing that saved this Friday was the leisurely, and ridiculously indulgent dinner I had out that night at my favorite restaurant, Hog and Hominy. Their poutine is the best thing on the menu and a staple of any visit. We had short ribs, a pizza, and threw in a salad just to appear healthy. All of this was accompanied with lovely Mezcal cocktails. Dessert was lemon meringue pie and 4 flavors of gelato.

The following day, my indulgence continued when I made French toast for early breakfast; only to go to a morning meeting for beer and donuts at Memphis Made Brewing a little later. I chose a delicious dark, malty beer to at least pretend I was still having coffee at 10am.


When I walked back to the car, I realized I had parked right in front of a truffle shop. Nondescript storefront that I wouldn’t have noticed if there weren’t an A frame sign out that said something about macarons. Upon entering the macron left my mind and I focused on the beautiful array of tiny colorful chocolates. I picked out four to share with a friend before our walk a little later.  All I can say is well worth the extra laps. The most interesting (and tastiest) was the blue cheese and white chocolate.


I now just need to figure out a way to stop eating everything in sight. I keep asking myself why stop when everything is so wonderful and tasty?! Well, I’m off to the gym now since I’m still working all that off. Be sure to see how Meg did this week.

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