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I had started on a post this week to tell you of my failings, but that has been tabled.  This is what a dork I am.  I actually put each of the 52 weeks of drinking adventurously on my calendar.  Every Tuesday I get a pop-up to remind of the week’s topic… well actually it pops up on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.  Because I have scheduled these particular dates, whenever I stumble upon a store that has  good selection, I peruse ahead.  Little did I recall, I had done this for this week’s Spanish cider; that is until I looked at the back of the fridge and said what’s THAT bottle…

Our guide

Our guide

If you are counting, this is week 40 in our Year of Drinking Adventurously.  This week has taken us to Spain for the apple harvest.  This is one thing I truly miss about living in Oregon, getting the season’s fresh harvest of apples… there really is nothing like it.  I had no idea that there was a region of Spain that was perfect for growing apples.

I’m not going into the history or all the different regions and types.  Let’s hope Meg covers the history, like she normally does.  I’m just going to tell you I enjoyed a natural Spanish cider.  Natural is a traditional cider, in that it is still (no bubbles) and unfiltered.  The cider I had was subtly sweet, as our author described, but had a mouthfeel more akin to a dry white wine.  It was quite nice.  I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy a still cider, as most of the ones I have had and enjoyed up to now have been bubbly.



It’s hard to shop for a Spanish cider when you don’t speak Spanish and normally shop based on pretty labels.  I’ll grant you though, the cork is really stinking cute and if I had to shop on that alone, I would have gotten this bottle.


Have a wonderful week and a terrific Tuesday!