WPC: Vibrant

This past week was non-stop with a ridiculously fun finish.  A week ago we had a snow day and today it is 70 degrees shorts and flipflops.  This makes living in the midsouth well worth it!

The sky has been a beautiful fireworks show every night, each one different and better in it’s own way.  Stunning and vibrant, mother nature never ceases to amaze.


When I finally made it to Friday, I couldn’t wait for the workday to finish.  I jumped in the car and headed south to Jackson and Duling Hall to see Robert Earl Keen.  The Roosevelts opened the show and I left with their cd.

IMG_8204 IMG_8189 IMG_8182


What a great show!  I’m leaving you today with our family theme song.  Pardon the quality of the video shot with my cell phone, but enjoy the enthusiasm of the crowd and feel free to sing along.  We sure did!

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