Walkabout Wednesday 

Coe and I got out for a walk this morning after a storm last night. Tree branches now littering our path are the only signs something happened last night. I wish I could see the pond at this hour to see how much it got filled. Down here, people talk about any rain in inches. When my mother was visiting she asked if I had a rain gauge. That is knowledge that has no (direct) bearing on my life.

I’m having such a hard time with the darkness and getting my walks in. Coe and I have no problem walking in the morning in the dark. But when I get home in the evening and it’s dark again, I have trouble getting myself out for that walk. By then the darkness makes me want to curl up and enjoy a glass of wine.

The snack cart is in full swing and has been going gangbusters. It’s so popular, we’ve actually been running two carts some days and selling out! I’ve mastered boiling 30 eggs at a time. A skill I never knew I’d need.

I forgot to put my phone in my pocket yesterday, but I’m pretty sure I got my 10k +++ steps in.

Happy Hump Day all!

Published by Lula Harp

I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

6 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday 

    1. agreed… When I lived in Oregon, you always went out in the rain or you didn’t go out for 9 months. I’ve gotten kind of used to it. And that’s all the pooch knows… Cool and rainy and she’s a happy girl

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