She’s not in the city anymore…

I miss my time on the train to write and read. I have driven more miles in the last year than I have driven in the last five! Cities and communities in the south are not laid out to be walker friendly. You drive everywhere!

One of the biggest indicators I’m not in a city-city anymore are the critters. There’s roadkill everywhere here of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. When Coe and I go for our morning walk, very often we interrupt deer grazing. We hear frogs of all kinds and we see bugs of every imaginable size. 

One thing that I like is pulling into work. We have several ponds in our “compound” and lots of green space. Very often this summer I had to stop for duckling or goslings to cross the street. So often we are all drawn to the windows to see the swarm of geese that have graced the lawn. 

One morning I saw a HUGE moth. I couldn’t figure out if it was dead, so I left it alone.  It was still there when I left later so I picked it up. Today, though, it was pretty clear this fella was no more. 

He’s sitting on my desk now. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for a coworker to realize he’s there. It’ll be more entertaining to see their reaction!

Happy Thursday!

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