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I went to school with a guy named Chris Scott. That was his first name and his last name. Chris. Scott. The whole time we were in school from first grade through our senior year, I always call him Chris Scott.  In my head he was never just Chris. Finally our senior year of school he said to me, you know you can call me Chris. But I never could.

Lula Harp is kind of the same way. While I am Lula, in my head I’m not just Lula.

Lula Harp was born out of creativity and a need to have a creative space to share my ideas, creations, thoughts, conundrums, and adventures. I have always been crafty. For years I had a small business in the basement making soap, lotions, and pretty smelling things. Ultimately I felt very limited by the name I had chosen. It suited me well for some time, but it ran its course. I spent months trying to find a new name. I heard a story on NPR, and Lula Harp as you know her here, was born.

I write because I love playing in the kitchen, in the garden, with my camera, and with whatever shiny object catches my eye. This place gives me somewhere to record my experiments. This is my special place, where I can hide behind a lens if I want or spew my guts out. I write because it helps me stay focused, centered, and quiets the constant noise in my head.

While I haven’t seen him in years, and have no idea where life took him, I still think of him as Chris Scott.

Lula Harp