WPC: Today was a Good Day

I’ve had such a good week and Saturday was the cherry on top.  Normally I wake up and take coffee on the patio leaving the phone behind for an hour or so until I think of something I need to google.  But this particular morning something made me grab it before I grabbed the coffee.

At 7:13 a.m. I found a the perfectly simple message Breakfast?  Quickly followed with Sorry, probably too early.  Since I had just rolled out of bed, literally, I informed my friend if she didn’t mind me unshowered, I could be there in no time.  No problem was the response.

Face wash, teeth, eyes, yoga pants and trainers… out I went.  Breakfast of two turned into three.  Sharing, comparing, lamenting, and laughing.  A lovely time.

We then went to find some far off antique store filled with amazing treasures.  I scored with a red Swingline stapler and a cookbook from 1908.  Having recently had a sour cream cookie made by the Amish of Southern Illinois, finding that recipe was on my list.  I opened a random church cookbook from the 1940’s to a page with such a recipe!  This will be on the to-do list ASAP!

As we were pondering lunch, I quickly said turn here and she did as instructed.  We scored again and a small restaurant that always has a line, magically had none.  We got our lunch and a table.  We were not disappointed.

Home for a nap then out late for a show to see Kingfish.  This 16 year old kid was amazing.  Think Jimi Hendrix meets BB King.  Quite impressive.  The only drawback to the show were the drunk college kids.  That’s another post in itself… as she shakes her head.




In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”



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