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I have finally gotten some balance in my schedule.  I get home most days by 5pm and I have this nice chunk of time in the evenings.  But what to do with all this time?!

I have the goodwill pile sitting in the living room staring at me (really, glaring at this point).  I need to make my list of what is in said pile before I dump it at Goodwill, but that’s just not very interesting.  I have a HUGE list of recipes I want to make, books I want to read, 10 pounds I want to lose, a desk pile of crap to sort, and a dog who wants to play all the time.

I think I am catching up on quiet evenings.  Savoring a cocktail while some relaxing fragrance wafts around the room.  Throwing the ball from my couch corner.  Getting caught up on Tivo.  Spending quality time with my foam roller and yoga mat.

oh, I’m certain this quiet, lazy spell won’t last too long because I just managed to squander 2 hours playing with the color of my background and I’ve found another scone recipe I want to make…