Grillin’ while chillin’

We are having some of the most gorgeous weather.  Not a cloud in sight, but it is COLD!  The morning started with a good layer of frost and then as the sun came out, it warmed up to a balmy 41*.

chill grill 2

Since I didn’t get to my to-do list when my December vacation took a turn for the worse, I decided I would spend a little time in the yard on my MLK Monday off.  I spent the day smoking two (yes 2!) pork shoulders.  My vertical drum smoker took a little more baby sitting than in the prime of summer since we started in the dark when it was 31*.

I mostly smoked these to babies to stock my freezer, but of course I had to enjoy some right off the grill.  There is nothing better than fresh off the grill, melt in your mouth, pork shoulder.  I can easily be gluttonous standing in the kitchen and eat most of it right there.  But tonight, I made mini pulled pork sliders.  I love sliders, it’s built in portion control.

chill grill 1


yummmm… this week’s off to a good start.  Hope you have a good week (it just might not be as yummy)

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