these work responsibilities are getting in the way of fun

Oh the rough job I have.  Last minute email pleading we need you to go out to dinner.  Well, you know me.  There is nothing I hate MORE than going out to dinner.  Fine.  I’m a team player.  I’ll help out just this once.  Don’t even think of making a habit of this kind of thing.

The Morrison Child & Family Services has a fundraising dinner series called Cooking for Kids.  “This is a series of 15+ fine dining events showcasing the region’s most spectacular restaurants and chefs paired with the finest wineries, breweries and distilleries.”  New Deal Distillery was paired with Nuestra Cocina and Chef Benjamin Gonzales whose specialties feature flavors from Central Mexico.

Dinner started with ceviche that had a sprinkling of Hot Monkey Hot Pepper infused vodka.  This was paired with a Hot Monkey Drop.  Think pink grapefruit margarita meets martini.  It was glorious.  I’m such a fan of Hot Monkey that I could have added a touch more heat and taken the sweetness down a hair.

The second course was a traditional snack of tostada topped with shredded chicken.  This was paired with a cava sangria made with New Deal Ginger Liqueur.  A beautiful pairing that made you feel like it was summer.

The main course was a soufflé with shrimp in a mole sauce.  Served alongside were the cutest, tiniest, tastiest homemade tortillas.  The drink pairing was the gold medal winner of the night.  A cocktail they called the Numero Uno and that it was!  Muddled cilantro and lime paired with New Deal Gin 1 served up as a martini.  It was glorious!  (good thing we bottled Gin 1 today- I’ll give you one guess what I’ll be drinking this weekend)

Dessert was horchata with cinnamon ice cream that was served with tiny cocktail of New Deal Mud Puddle (bitter chocolate vodka) and Coffee Liqueur for you to pour over.  It was decadent and comforting, like a good hug.

Once again, I have to make such sacrifices in the name of work.  This is one sacrifice I’ll gladly make again and again.  Thanks for that emergency meeting!  A huge thanks to Chef Gonzales and bartender Danny for the beautiful dinner and perfect pairings!

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