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I usually do wordless Wednesday with some thoughtful image. But this morning’s breakfast has lead me to this. That and I am certain I haven’t talked about food enough in the last few weeks. I’m having withdrawals from spending so little time in my kitchen.

I am not a picky eater. The only thing that I vehemently will not eat are mushrooms. I appreciate fine dining and good cooking and also can see the value of an occasional fast food hamburger (best for a good hang over cure).

What irked/baffled me today was the Hippy Muffin I got this morning at the Freshii cafe in my office building. A pretty little muffin topped with an assortment of seeds. What it ended up being was a glorified yellow cupcake with a few seeds tossed in for good measure. I didn’t want cake for breakfast but I ate it since I had just plonked down $2.50.

Lunch though, was another thing all together. I was delighted to find on one of my lunch walks a few weeks ago Koi Fusion has a stand near my office. A little nook has 4 or 5 food vendors. Last week’s lunch treat out was Gandhi’s. You walk in and they fill a dish so full it’s really 3 meals. But today I indulged in the Koi Fusion bowl with short ribs and pork. I splurged the extra 25 cents on kimchi, well worth it. While it isn’t Gandhi’s 3 meals size portion I was able to nibble on it all afternoon.

Dinner was grazing at OMSI After Dark Bacon and Bridges. Bacon was a plenty but bridges were few. There was a creepy bridge made out of bacon and a suspension bridge we got to jump on. We sampled Bakon Vodka, waffle sandwiches with bacon and peanut butter or nutella (my pick) from Flavour Spot, bacon toffee cookies, and the most delectable pâté with bacon (bite size open face banh mi) from Laurelhurst Market. We nibbled and sampled so much I lost track.

The thing that almost topped the bacon-ness was the incredible gymnastic stylings of Brittany Walsh’s amazing, indescribable feats. I took a video, this is beyond words.  It goes super quick, so watch carefully.  and you’ll probably have to watch a couple times to really get it.  We also saw the AWOL Dance Collective, both were with William Batty from the Wanderlust Circus.


Such a good day and fun evening out!  I’ll pay for this tomorrow- well worth it though.