I just don’t get it

I’m a product of the 80’s so I’m familiar with bad fashion choices. I wore parachute pants, had a rat tail, and at one point had… Sorry just too painful to admit 😉

What I’m trying to say is we are all guilty of horrible fads. But this is one I thought would have run it’s course and I’m not sure why it’s still here.


I do NOT understand why pre-pubescent males of our society feel the need to share their underwear. But really aren’t showing underwear. This kid is wearing shorts with his pants starting below his ass!!

Are we going to have a generation that has misformed their legs because they are walking funny?!

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10 thoughts on “I just don’t get it

  1. Girl I know what you mean. As a professional chef I do not know why all my cooks and dish washers have to do this. I have instituted a rule that if I see your undies or god forbid your ass you need to pay me $5.00.
    It works great and I also picked up a bunch of cheap belts at the thrift store and have them in the staff room so if someone pants are dropping I throw a belt at them.


  2. Yes! We will have a generation of knock-knee men walking around. When they trot to get across the street before the do not walk light starts blinking, their legs have to swirl out sideways instead of step forward. Hilarious! I have two teens at a huge public high school in the middle of Dallas, and they don’t get it either. So not to worry, they won’t all walk funny.


  3. I saw a very funny “Cops” episode where the suspect ran, but he had to keep one hand on the waistband of his jeans, cause they kept falling around his knees and tripping him! Of course, he finally fell and was apprehended. So stupid. I see this on the bus all of the time. Sometimes their pants are so low they can’t get up the steps on the bus!

    Of course, you know that the disqust we display is exactly what they’re looking for!


  4. I have made a couple bucks off of the young bucks in the kitchen. I also charge a buck for each time one of them goes into dry storage or the walk in and say they cannot find something and I have to go in and get it usually right where I said it was. Last month I put it all together and bought some tasty local beer for the kitchen crew. If anyone gets a chance to try upslope brewery from boulder highly recommended.


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