Last year I was talking to my mother about the greatness of the internet.  Her response was there’s nothing out there worth reading.  When I showed her the felted wool hats I had made (that’s for another post) she asked where did I learn to do that.  I with immense glee said THE INTERNET.

Oh, sure there is plenty of crap out there, but if you know how to read, you can suss out the good stuff.  That my dear friends is what I have done today.

Today was my first time baking cupcakes from scratch.  Not scary at all.  A hint of worry that lasted mere seconds- gone in a flash.  The result was sweet cakey goodness.  Exactly what I was hoping for- a light, delicate crumb.

I found this gem of a recipe at 52 Cupcakes.  Evidently, whomever Billy is, had been on Martha Stewart and this is his recipe.  Thank you to Billy, Martha, 52 Cupcakes and everyone who tested this recipe before me so I could have the sweet success that I had today.

The vanilla buttercream icing is a touch sweet for me.  I only iced half the batch.  I made mini’s so I ended up with about 60 cupcakes.  Tomorrow I’m going to ice the remainder with a chocolate ganache.  I think that will be a nicer balance.

I never thought I’d say this, but I prefer savory.  This past year I have proven that I can bake.  While I always thought I couldn’t bake, it’s that I hate to measure.  I feel more creative with cooking than with baking.  I still heartily say bread is a waste of space, though that being said, I do enjoy baking bread.  a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma…

enough of the deep thoughts for one evening.  Cupcake success.  Check.

Update:  I finished the other half of the batch off with a dark chocolate butter cream.  I think the chocolate has a much better balance of sweetness with the delicate cake.

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

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