what’s for dinner?

I don’t think I eat anything all that special, strange, or different, but with startling regularity, someone really makes me wonder.  My parents were foodies before there was such a thing; going to cooking schools and coming home to experiment on me.  I was the last child and they were trying to find something they had in common.  I don’t really recall them making anything strange or all that special, but  their adventurousness made me a willing accomplice.

While I “grew up” in Mississippi, I really became me in Oregon.  Hippy country, full of tree huggers who eat twigs and bugs and cook out in the wilderness just for fun.  I’m saying all of this tongue in cheek, but I had a date recently and when I said something about backpacking and cooking on a camp stove, this was beyond his comprehension.  Camp cooking taught me to be creative in a bowl.  We always ate great while out on the trail.  No MRE’s for us.  It just requires a little forethought and planning.

There was no planning or forethought for this night’s meal.  It was let’s get creative with what I have in the fridge.  Truthfully, that’s how I cook most often.  I’ve mentioned here how much I enjoy one bowl dinners.  Last night I had a friend over and I felt like I dropped a Siberian delicacy in front of her.  She asked lots of questions and wanted to know how it was all done.  I was flattered and mystified.  What did I make that was so amazing, you ask…

Pearl couscous with curry roasted cauliflower.  I was so hungry I didn’t get a picture.  I added lots of curry powder to the cauliflower before roasting in the oven and a can of diced tomatoes to the finished couscous.  It was warm and wonderful, perfect for a cool, foggy night.

Going back through previous posts I’ve found a few bowls to whet your appetite and tempt you into making something new for dinner tonight.  Here’s an easy curry bowl  (pictured above) and here’s another twist on my pearl couscous bowlThis post is for tofu, but I make roasted cauliflower the exact same way.

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