Toast Tuesday: the sorta fail

This week is a sorta fail. Sort of because I’ve had cachaca before, and can even tell you about the first time I had it. This week in my Year of Drinking Adventurously, per my norm, I waited until the last minute and came up short.

Our guide
Our guide

I was out for happy hour last week with a friend and asked if they had cachaca. The bartender looked at me as if I had just spoken to her in Russian. Which, I have become accustomed to since I got here. So yesterday I pulled up the cocktail menu for one of my local favorites and was delighted to see they had a cachaca cocktail on the menu. I was sad when I realized they closed 30 minutes before I was going to get there. I skulked next door to their sister restaurant, which also has fabulous cocktails, but had no cachaca. Oh well. Fail.

Only sorta fail… Because I finally got my Mezcal!


I enjoyed a lovely cocktail called Future Days. The drink called for a black pepper garnish, but since I’m allergic, I had her hold that. The bartender said it only added aromatics and wouldn’t change the flavor of the drink. I found the drink a little sweeter than I’d normally enjoy, but I asked her to add a dash of Angostura bitters when I was about halfway through, and found that gave it a better balance for my pallet.


A wonderful way to end a Monday, even if with a fail.  I made myself feel better about my failure by having Hog & Hominy’s poutine.  I’m sorry, but the Canadians truly came up with the most perfect comfort food; french fries, gravy, and cheese curds.  Thank you o’ Canada.

Now run along and see what Meg did.  I certainly hope she saves us this week.  If not, there better be some really good embarrassing story.

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