So much to do, so little focus

I have so many irons in different fires and so many things running through my head I’m having trouble focusing on what to do and sitting down and doing it.

To day I spent a good part of the day bathing horses and hanging out with the ladies.  It was a wonderful day and I am certain I will sleep well.  I was actually able to come home and get a few things crossed off my to-do list and it feels nice.


After last week’s crazy midnight bike ride, my sleep was off and I was just outta wack.  Saturday evening the restorative powers of pho (sounds like fuh) worked wonders and I got an incredible night’s sleep.



I’ve been living the good life lately.  Eating a little too much, staying up too late, and not exercising as I should.  Finding the balance is tough! Especially when my walking partner is slowing down.  With her sniffing and lolling I get to take in more nature and see things I might otherwise miss.



I have blueberry wine, visiting distilleries, friends, and new adventures to think about.  I’m not sure I can turn my brain off long enough to find the bedroom.  I’m certainly going to try!

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I'm a mad scientist trying to find my tools.

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