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I’m a bit of a slacker this week, not for failing to do the assignment, but for failing to give this a proper write up.  I’m teaching all week at work and have a spent most waking minutes prepping for that.  Including the 120 minutes I sat at a bar with a highlighter and my lesson making notes to myself.

Our guide

Our guide

This is week 29 and is a tour of sour beers…

I had my first sour beer a few years ago at Portland’s Cascade Brewing Barrel House.  According to their site, they are “a pioneer of the NW style sour beer movement.”  I had my doubts, but most of what I have tried there was quite yummy.

Fast forward back to the present state of Tennessee and I had fewer options.  I found one sour beer at a local bottle shop, monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale.  As it turns out, this is one our author mentions and it’s from Philly (did Meg stick close to home this time?).  It has nice notes of sour cherry, but wasn’t the best sour I’ve had.


As I mentioned, I spent a little time sitting at the bar this evening.  I tried three different sours; Lagunitas Aunt Sally, Lucky Town Gose Gamblin’, and Yazoo Embrace the Funk Series: Puncheon.  Aunt Sally was sweet and tart with a hoppy finish.   Lucky Town has been on my list to visit for awhile, but today my brain wasn’t looking for “a lawnmower beer. It’s low-alcohol. It’s tart and salty.” That awesome quote is from Lucky Town brewmaster Lucas Simmons, and was too good not to share.


I went for a glass of the Yazoo and it did not disappoint.  Sour and sippable.  I really could have had another, but exercised some restraint.

Now, run along and find yourself a pint.

Here’s to another Tuesday and our Year of Drinking Adventurously!