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A quandary, a riddle, a conundrum… No matter how I look at it, I’ve got a question… Or do I have a riddle wrapped in a question?  Maybe I just have a puzzling question or a problem. Are conundrums the same as doldrums?  

Where am I going with this rambling rant of non-sensical drivel? The entire first paragraph are examples of a conundrum.  Most recently, or at least since about 1800, we have associated the word with a puzzling problem that needs resolution.  My most recent conundrum is there is a fella on the dating site that I would be genuinely interested in.  I sent him a message and he never responded.  A week or so later, I am fairly certain I saw him at the dog park.  We said Good Morning and kept on our respective walks.  My conundrum is, do I send him a message and ask if was him or ask how he enjoyed the dog park (a little stalkerish), or do I just roll on and forget about it?

The Oxford English Dictionary advises while the origin of the word conundrum is lost, the earliest recorded use of the word is 1596. But the word possibly originated in some university joke, or as a parody of some Latin term of the schools, which would agree with its unfixed form in 17–18th century as a pun or play on words with similar sounds.

I am dying to know what is it about me or my profile that the only people who message me are the people I have ZERO interest in.  I boldly sent the following message to a couple of fellas:
This message is really more just for curiosity and personal growth than anything, but what about my profile wasn’t of interest or made you not want to respond to my original message? My inbox is full of hey, hi, and inarticulate drivel from people I have no interest in. I’m trying to figure out how to make an actual connection on this site and if that’s actually possible.

I think my real conundrum is HOW to meet a fella I have something in common with that does not involve a sales pitch and the internet.  I volunteer in my community, I am at the park daily, I go to public watering holes where the opposite sex visit, and I am making an effort to be more visually appealing (as my mother told me, I put on lipstick).  If I were willing to date someone in my office, my social calendar would be full.  I had to laugh the other day, I had a guy nearly trip over himself checking me out.  I assure you this DOES NOT happen in the real world.

This whole online dating thing is making me a little conundrumed (1629; crotchety or slightly crazed).  I’ve gussied up the display racks, the store shelves are stocked with merchandise, and the Open sign is lit.  But no one is shopping in my store. Part of the conundrum is why am I doing this if no one is interested in my wares?  I think my store is too progressive and too bold for this market.  I feel like a voodoo priestess who just set up shop in Utah.



A couple side notes:  The awesome art here is from my friend at Draw Eric.  Please check out his other work.


I love Eric’s work.  We have been friends since college when we met in an art class.  We have been through so many of life’s ups and downs together.  He sent me the art a couple weeks ago and I haven’t looked at it again until today when I sat down to plug it into my blog.  It struck me how his images (both of them) so perfectly reflect and complement the words that flowed out of me today.  The top image is a maze or convoluted path leading to or around a heart.  The bottom image is the dragon I think these weird Memphis fellas think I am.