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While I could easily eat a Costco size pumpkin pie by myself on a daily basis, I would soon be the size of Costco.  So, in an ever evolving desire to be healthy and enjoy the pumpkin pie I love so much, I have been working as much pumpkin into my diet as humanly possible.

Since I have been on a smoothie bender for awhile, I have now developed a pumpkin pie smoothie! Tastes just like I took the pie and squished it up AND made it healthy!

12-2-13 pumpkin smoothie 2

6-7z pumpkin (or half a can if you don’t want to actually measure. Trader’s Joe’s organic canned pumpkin is my favorite)
1/2 banana
1/2 really ripe pear
2T peanut butter
1T Chia seeds
1/2c yogurt
1/4 cup water, milk or juice
1in fresh ginger, peeled and chopped (or 1/2t ground ginger)
1t pumpkin pie spice

The chia seeds really make the smoothie filling and keeps you full longer.  If you leave the chia seeds out, omit the water.  Chia will absorb the liquid and thicken into a gel.  If you like a thinner smoothie, add more water.  This recipe make one 16 ounce smoothie, but doubles and triples easily to make ahead for the week.

12-2-13 pumpkin smoothieDid you know a regular mason jar will fit on your blender?  Test vintage jars before you fill them to make sure the blender ring will screw on.  Sometimes those don’t fit quite right.