to-do list or not to-do list

Do you ever have a morning where you just can’t get out of bed? Well, I am having that summer. I slept for the first full week of summer vacation. And since then, I have slept 8-10 hours a night, sometime more, PLUS a nap most days. I’m sensing my body is trying to tell me something.

We have a new employee at the distillery and she is a doll. Cute, energetic, and hardworking. She jumped in feet first and has required very little hand holding. Everything I love in an employee. We were talking on Sunday about how we both work 7 days a week and even if we aren’t “working”, we make work for ourselves.

I have been operating on a non-stop schedule for quite some time and cognitively know that this should stop at some point.  But, I operate best when I have a full plate.  I am certain I have some form of undiagnosed ADD and I have found that if I have a specific task with a specific deadline and a specific goal, then I can get it done, quite successfully.  Leave me alone to my own devises and I will loll around all day, dink my way through a store, do half a project, and… uhhh, what was I saying?

A friend keeps trying to tell me how I need to go into business for myself.  Oh HELL NO! I cannot keep myself on task for my own projects.  I must have a reason to get out of bed and a reason to get out of the house.  You should see my basement at the moment.  I started working on it a couple of weeks ago, now this project has stalled and is making it very difficult to do laundry.

Do you know how many “draft” posts I have in my file?  a gazillion!  Well, 16 to be exact.  Do you know how many of those you will actually see?  The magic 8 ball says the outlook is good that I’ll eventually finish them.  8 ball may be a bit more optimistic than I am.  but that’s probably because I feel another nap coming on…

8 ball

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3 thoughts on “to-do list or not to-do list

  1. I’m not sure ADD is a correct diagnosis for what you are experiencing. I say this because of the very fact you stated, ” I have found that if I have a specific task with a specific deadline and a specific goal, then I can get it done, quite successfully.” If you truly were ADD, you’d never be able to concentrate long enough to finish and come up with a successful product. I think you may concentrate and work harder on the things you’re really interested in and find fun to do.

    As for the sleeping, the change in routine could be causing that. If you have some compelling reason to get up and at ’em early, you do it, right?


    1. You are correct in my having to be interested in what I am doing. I am a problem solver and as long as there is a problem to solve, I’ll be interested. But as soon as I master a recipe or figure out a craft, I’m done.


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