let me count the ways…

I love my girlfriends. and our Thursday evenings of giggle and clink have become a great source of motivation and relaxation for me.

Motivation… I’m having folks over, I’d better tidy up. Really. that is the secret to my housekeeping. If I have folks over I have a reason to clean. If I stay home by myself or go out, the place goes to shit in no time!

Relaxation… clink, slurp, nibble, clink, slurp, slurp… you get the picture.

and we are delightfully the most random, ADD, scatterbrains you can put together in a room. We are all sarcastic, obnoxious, crude and hysterical. a tiny snapshot for you of the evening…

I’m going to smoke a cigarette. What?! you don’t smoke. I know…

She’s crop dusting.
Break the chain. have I shown you how to break the chain? (insert demonstration here followed by uproarious laughter) no, you clap behind you. I’m going to crop dust Gayle’s bedroom. no, I think we should all go smoke a cigarette in Gayle’s bed.

How’d you do that? Oh you push the arrow button and select what you want to send.

What’s the difference between photo album and photo stream?

My mom asked what’s a pie hole.

When N catches things, it kinda turn me on a little bit.

See how you look when your being an asshole

All my beanie babies are vintage. and All your slap bracelets. I had pink high tops. You can make slap bracelets.

You can get toeless socks for yoga. There’s also sort of sick shit at health clubs. You can get a staph infection.

I found a handkerchief coming home from the park. I’m going to put fragrance on it for the bus and the smelly people at work.

Mmmmm mom candy

There may be some exploding cigarettes. A car driving by may think its a backfire

Aaahhhhhhhhhh….. Christa’s having good love w the foam roller.

Don’t get all compost Gestapo on me.

You have a boob on your head

I’d stalk all those crafters on pinterest and steal their fabric stash. How do you tell your insurance company your stash was stolen?

See why I love my girlfriends? and I got the nicest email thank you note just a few short minutes after everyone left. “no one hosts a better farting-burping bash than you do!” they like me, they really like me 😉

One of the giggly girls found this nugget this morning. Too perfect for our band of hellions to not share!


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