Brunch for the Cure

I love it when good food and doing good collide.  April’s community dinner got pushed because there was just too much going on.  May’s community dinner was Sunday morning in the form of Brunch for the Cure.

The last few years Pat, Christa and I have walked for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  In conjunction with our walk, there is the obligatory beg your friends for donation portion.  I don’t recall if we came up with this on our own or if someone gave us the idea, but we host our own silent auction.

The catch to our auction is you invite your friends to the auction, but they also BRING the items that will be auctioned.  This allows the creative folks a chance to show off a little and the not-so-creative folks find a way to get creative.

This year’s auction items included homemade red wine vinegar and vanilla extract (from your’s truly- sorry I forgot to snap a pix and they were cute), homemade caramels, several very nice bottles of wine, cute dishes with cocktail sayings, a photo box for corks, several pieces of gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, books, bacon cross stitch, a workout session, and vintage salt and pepper shakers.

Since our friends brought all the great stuff to auction, Christa, Pat and I made brunch.  Pat made a gluten free nut cake topped with fresh whipped cream that was outstanding.  Christa made her famous sweet potato and bacon hash that is out of this world.  I made breakfast pizza.  I’ll share more on that later, but I will say there wasn’t a morsel left.  I take that as a good sign.

We weren’t all business.  Just like any charity dinner, there was plenty of champagne and booze flowing.  This crowd went through a jumbo bottle of Cooks from Costco in record time.  Lots of catching up and hanging out with friends.  

In case you were wondering, our 3rd Annual Brunch for the Cure raised almost $500.  Thanks to our friends for their awesome support!

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