it’s not a banana peel

I can’t promise this will be my last post on the awesomeness of pizza, but what I can say with just about 98% certainty, is that I will not make pizza in the oven again.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to put my pizza stone on the grill.  But it finally happened and it will never go back to the oven.  ok, well for bread… maybe.

The thing I haven’t like about pizza on the grill is you don’t get that beautiful slightly browned cheese topping.  Crust is outstanding, but I also like the almost burnt cheese bubbles you get from the oven.

Tonight, I achieved my desired pizza on the grill.  crunchy edges, good crust, and browned cheese bubbles.  All on the GRILL!  But what I am certain made all the difference is my new, handcrafted pizza peel.My friend Rich is a bit of a curmudgeon on a good day (really- while we were having dinner he said “I like individuals, I don’t like people”).  He is truly a sweet man underneath that surly exterior (I may get in trouble for admitting that), so sweet that he MADE me this beautiful peel!  It is a blend of cherry and basswood and on the underside, has an insignia that he made it.  I can’t be more pleased with this beautiful gift!

Back to the pizza… I made the Roman pizza dough that has come to be my favorite recipe.  The recipe calls for the dough to be divided into 6 equal portions, but tonight out of sheer absent mindedness I divided it into 4.  Turned out perfectly, since my new peel is bigger than my old one.  I rolled the dough nice and thin, then dusted the peel with a little flour and built my pie.

I pre-heated my gas grill (all 5 burners on high for about 40 minutes) and it was at a solid 550* according to the gauge on top.  Because this pie is so thin, it cooks very quickly, not more than about 5 minutes.  Do not look away and don’t start something where you may forget.  I’m a big fan of a timer.  I’m a bigger fan of this pizza and it’s yumminess.


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