deep south heads west, then far east

In our family, we don’t usually eat BBQ out because it isn’t as good as what we can make at home.  As much as I would love to have a Big Green Egg, all I have is a Weber and I make it work for me.

Brother Normal (I introduced you to the Normal family back at Thanksgiving) makes some of the yummiest bbq sauce and rubs around.  I don’t ask for the recipe, I just ask for another bottle.  Why mess with perfection?  I suppose when I open Lula Harp’s Eatery, I’ll either have to figure out my own recipe or hire him on full-time.  Until then, when he travels here, he brings the good stuff.  He and Mrs. Normal also man the 24 hour bbq help-line for little sister when she takes on a new recipe.

You have all been so patient, I now unveil the goodness I made for Sunday’s brunch.  Pulled Pork!  It was so freakin yummy!  Was?!  Still is!  I’m working my way through all that delicious goodness.

I started Thursday evening by applying a liberal coating of Brother’s special No Big Lip Rub to a 5 1/2 pound pork shoulder.  No Big Lip Rub?  Confession time.  I’m allergic to black pepper.  A little bit in a recipe doesn’t bother me, but a crusting of black pepper and I look like Angelina Jolie overdosed on botox the next day.  (at this point most people ask me why on earth I don’t eat MORE black pepper.  because it feels weird and uncomfortable.  I don’t understand why people pay for botox)

24 hours later, I set up the Weber for indirect grilling at 250* with a water pan below my shoulder.  I used apple wood chips from Home Depot for my smoke.

This is at about the 2 hour mark

At the 5 hour mark I HAD to go to bed, so I tucked her into a nice warm 200* oven to finish the job at hand.  After 6 hours, I pulled out this beauty.  If your counting, this was a total of 11 hours cooking.

I let it cool for about an hour.  I couldn’t wait another second to dive into this!  I went at it with 2 forks and shredded it and added a touch of Brother’s bbq sauce.

For the brunch I served it as sliders on little potato rolls, which were also my lunch today.  Tonight’s dinner though was where this southern delicacy headed to the far east.

Last week’s Food Day was all about miso.  There was a ginger miso dressing with noodles that caught my eye.  I’ve made this dressing twice now and it is outstanding.  If you can make it 30 minutes or an hour ahead, the flavors meld and it gets even better.  I reduced the sugar and increased the ginger and cilantro.  You know me, I don’t follow recipes, so here’s what I actually did:

Lula’s Gingery Ginger Miso Dressing
4T miso mixed w 4T hot water (put this in your jar and shake to mix then add remaining ingredients)
2T grated fresh ginger
8T rice vinegar
4T canola oil
4t sugar
Several tablespoons chopped cilantro (never too much for me)
3 squeezes sriracha (could have added another squirt)
Salt (2-3t-ish)

I added about 1/3 of the dressing to 1/4 of a head of freshly grated cabbage and tossed.  Topped with just warmed pulled pork and a dusting of cilantro.  The freshness of the ginger dressing cuts some of the richness of the pork giving a nice balance.

This pork shoulder is outstanding.  I have another serving left and not sure how I’ll eat it.  maybe just cold from the fridge.  The grill had begun to feel a little neglected, but I think she’s forgiven me for the time being.  I’ll have to think about what’s next…

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    1. I love, love, love my Normal family! You’re just happy YOU ARE the Normal family. Though in this family, that isn’t a high bar ;). Thanks for all your help! It paid off


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