A few days


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I find that it’s easier to share things directly on Facebook after I post on the #365photo page and I forget to post them here. So for fb folks, there maybe be some duplication.

I also have a question for my fb friends. I have found in the past, when I have share a link to my blog directly on fb, it doesn’t get many views, but when it posts directly from WordPress, it does better. It is with this revelation, that I’m sad to say WP has changed how they will now post to my facebook profile.

Just as soon as you think you have one thing figured out, it all changes.

The photobomber


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It was the most gorgeous evening.  I went out on the patio with my glass of wine and started looking at my herbs, trying to decide what would be the photo subject of today’s #365photo.  I snapped herbs from different angles, flowers, and bugs.  While texting with my sister, I snapped a quick shot.  I realized there was a common theme in all my photos.

Mama’s little helper.  Can you find the spider that was the actual subject of one of these?

Mushroom Monsters


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I was wandering the yard around this morning & found myself in a corner I don’t normally go to. There were quite a few of these fungi in various sizes and arrangements. Mother Nature amazes once again.

I can appreciate the beauty of mushrooms, I just wished they didn’t taste so terrible, not that this one is edible. That’s a general statement about mushrooms… blech

Life on the lawn


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Having just returned from a weeklong trip touring some of our country’s greatest sights, I am still sorting through the almost 1500 photos I took. I posted daily highlights on facebook, but will post more and some of the daily stories here.

Today’s #365photo is a pretty holey leaf on the lawn when I took Coe out this evening.

holey leaf