Healthier at Home in 2020

Being inside with nothing to do gets a little boring. COVID 19 got me back in the kitchen, making infusions, and crafting again. Explore, create, and experiment with me.


Starting with October, you can join me as I talk about herbal infusions. Watch here and get some ideas for your own infusions.

Kombucha at home

In my second video with Levitt Shell, I’m sharing how I make kombucha, a fermented tea drink loaded with probiotics. You will be surprised how easy it is to make your own. Watch the full video here.

Pantry Raid

In my third video with Levitt Shell, I’m going to show you how I make kimchi and my favorite noodle bowls, or Fake Pho, as I call it. This is nothing resembling real pho, other than I like Asian flavors. Watch me make kimchi here.

Other than playing in the kitchen, what has my 2020 looked like? Nothing like I planned, I’ll tell you that for sure! This was supposed to be a year of exploration, travel, and a full year of celebrating my 50th year around the sun.

Instead, like most of you, I have caught up on Netflix, I’m pretty sure I’ve become a cat, and started a few new hobbies.

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